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Sundance 2021 Review: ‘Prisoners of the Ghostland’ Arthouse Meets Grindhouse in Nic Cage’s Wild Ride

Prisoners of the Ghostland

Have you ever wished that there would be a neon fuelled, Mad Max inspired retooling of John Carpenter’s Escape from duology? Then Sion Sono’s American debut Prisoners of the Ghostland may be the best thing you see this year. Synopsis for Prisoners of the Ghostland In the treacherous frontier city …

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Trailer Released for Shinsuke Sato’s ‘Bleach’ (2018)

Japanese cinema lovers, are you ready? It’s finally time to check out the trailer for the manga adaptation of Bleach! I absolutely love Japanese cinema, and one of my favorite directors is none other than Shinsuke Sato. I’ve had the opportunity to interview Shinsuke recently, and we chatted about his career …

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Shinsuke Sato Will Direct Film Version of ‘Inuyashiki’ (2018)

“THE DIGITAL HUMAN” I’m a fan of Japanese cinema. Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Japanese director Shinsuke Sato, who directed I Am a Hero (2015), The Princess Blade (2001), The Time of Death (2011), the upcoming film version of Bleach and most definitely my favorite, Deathnote (2016), which is extremely addictive! I’ve reviewed a movie of his …

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Interview with Shinsuke Sato, the Japanese Director of ‘Bleach’

I’m extremely excited to have had the opportunity to interview the amazing Japanese director, Shinsuke Sato. Being a fan of Japanese cinema and culture, I was thrilled to delve into the creations of Shinsuke Sato, a man renowned and highly respected for both writing and directing I Am a Hero …

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‘Gantz’ (2010) – A Japanese Manga Adaptation

“Fight against the aliens.” I’m an huge fan of Japanese cinema, and the film Gantz (2010) is at the top of my list. If you thought that Hollywood was the only one tapping into comic books to gather their inspiration and material for films, you’re highly mistaken. Japan has a rich culture …

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Meet Our Writers: Samantha McCabe

1. What is your favorite non-horror movie or show? I absolutely adore The Spiderwick Chronicles. When it comes to folklore and Celtic mythology, my heritage takes over and my child-like side is evoked. Hey, I love these kinds of things! 2. What is the limit you have when when it comes to horror? I love …

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