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’13 Fanboy’ is Seeking Equity Investors

13 Fanboy

13 Fanboy: Seeking Equity Investors By now you have no doubt heard of the Friday the 13th spin off film 13 Fanboy! Produced by Friday alumni Deborah Voorhees, and veteran producer Joel Paul Reisig, Fanboy is the story of a fan who takes the original series way too seriously. He …

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Legendary Icon Dee Wallace Joins Cast of ’13 Fanboy’

It seems like every week, another great news piece is coming out about the upcoming slasher feature from Voorhees Films’ 13 Fanboy. This is a dream come true for fans of the Friday the 13th franchise. It has an insanely killer cast including several Friday the 13th veterans as well as …

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New Stills for ‘Friday the 13th’ Fan Film ‘Voorhees’

2019 is the year of Jason Voorhees. So many great Friday the 13 fan related films are coming out this year and one of the most highly anticipated ones is Voorhees. It’s for good reason too. Everything about this film looks awesome especially the unique story-line and killer trailer. The …

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‘To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story’ (2018) Demonstrates the Sheer Willpower and Success of a True Horror Legend

Throughout the duration of the genre, the name Kane Hodder has become synonymous with horror. Whether it be acting or stunt coordination, his work speaks volumes and remains as legendary as his portrayals as Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th franchise, parts VII through Jason X. His presence is …

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Why Cody Faulk’s Film, ‘Voorhees,’ Will Change The Horror Genre Forever

Fans throughout the years have embraced the horror films closest to their hearts, some to the point where they eventually make their own fan films. Regardless of the budget, they make these tributes out of passion, putting in all of the hard work and effort to make it happen. Despite …

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11 Reasons Why ‘Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood’ Is One of the Best ‘F13’ Entries

When it comes to the Friday the 13th franchise, people tend to revere the first 6 films – he’s dead, he’s alive, Tommy Jarvis kills him, Tommy Jarvis might be the new Jason, Tommy Jarvis brings him back to life, Tommy Jarvis kills him again… But once Jason hits the …

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Jason Voorhees Statue Found at the Bottom of a Minnesota Lake!

Jason Lives

The horror community is a great and dedicated community. If you are a Friday the 13th fan (and who isn’t, really?), you will love this story. As reported by Bloody Disgusting, a fan installed a statue of Jason Voorhees at the bottom of a popular diving site in Minnesota, recreating …

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‘Catching Up’ Selected for Hot Springs Horror Film Festival

Recently PopHorror had the chance to interview the lovely Deborah Voorhees as she continues to rock the horror world with her amazing films. We would like to congratulate Deborah on having her short film Catching Up, officially selected for the Hot Springs International Horror Film Festival. This short is also what …

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[Exclusive Interview] Kane Hodder: The Man Behind The Mask

Kane Hodder

Recently I got the opportunity to have one of my dreams come true. That opportunity was to actually get to meet the legendary Kane Hodder. Not only did I get to meet him, he granted me the chance to interview him in person! Kane is one of the sweetest men …

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