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Coming Soon to Digital: Kevin Kopacka’s ‘Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes’

Coming soon to Digital from Dark Sky Films and director Kevin Kopacka (Hades) is a new Gothic horror film called Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes. The film stars Anna Platen (Windstill), Jeff Wilbusch (Unorthodox), Frederik von Luttichu (Hager), and Luisa Taraz (Adios). It will be available on June 24, 2022. …

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Think You Could Survive A Night in ‘The House’ (2016)? – Movie Review

Every now and again, a trailer will come along seemingly out of nowhere and just completely blow you away. Such was the case for me with the trailer for Artsploitation’s 2016 Norwegian chiller, Huset (The House). I’ve always been a sucker for foreign horror. The world has so much to …

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