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Horror’s Top 25+ Most Memorable Final Guys

A lot has been said about horror’s Final Girls, but can we talk about a chunk of hunks who have managed to make it to the credit roll? In no particular order, here are 25—give or take—of horror’s most memorable Final Guys. 1. Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) SURVIVED: The Evil Dead …

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Two Decades Of Trauma: ‘FINAL DESTINATION 2’ (2003) Turns 20

Final Destination 2

That Death needed a sequel, so Final Destination 2 was released on January 31, 2003. The film stars Ali Larter (Final Destination 2000, House on Haunted Hill 1999), A.J. Cook (The Virgin Suicides 1999, Wishmaster 3 2001), Michael Landes (Lakeview Terrace 2008), and Tony Todd (Candyman 1992, The Crow 1994). …

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HorrorPack Celebrates Massive Milestone With August 2020 Pack

Let’s face it, finding things to be excited about during this pandemic can be challenging. But not everything has to be negative in The New Normal. Atlanta-based horror staple HorrorPack has much to be proud of, as they’ll be reaching their 5 year anniversary this September. That means some very …

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Candy For The Candyman: Happy Birthday, Tony Todd!

December 4, 2019 is the birthday of horror icon Tony Todd who turns 65 this year. We most remember Mr. Todd as the macabre figure, Candyman (1992 – read our anniversary review here), who lurks in the mirror waiting to murder us. But Todd’s routes in film and entertainment go …

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Saying Goodbye To Special FX/Indie Filmmaker Ryan Nicholson (1971-2019)

Acclaimed Canadian special effects artist and indie filmmaker Ryan Nicholson has passed away on October 8, 2019 after his fight with cancer. Born in 1971, Nicholson grew up in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. He was an amazing self taught effects artist who studied under Oscar nominated artist Adrien Morot (Pet …

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Horror Coming To Netflix For February 2019

It’s about that time when we say goodbye to some of the horror movies and TV shows on Netflix, but also get to celebrate the ones coming out in the following month. Below is a list of everything coming and leaving Netflix in February 2019.  Arriving February 1st Final Destination …

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‘Final Destination’ Creator Schools Piers Morgan on Horror

final destination - piers morgan

Last night, in the midst of a fit of boredom, I stumbled across a bunch of videos on YouTube, titled “the most awkward interviews ever.” Among them, were interviews with English journalist Piers Morgan, in which he banters and pushes his interviewee to their limit. They were ostentatious, and very …

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Seven Horror Sequels That *NEED* To Be Set In Space!

We’ve seen it before. Horror franchises run out of ideas, and what happens? Our beloved psychos and monsters get sent into space. It happened with Hellraiser. Part 4, Bloodlines, had Pinhead in space. The fourth Leprechaun film also shot for the Moon. The Prince of Darkness went out of this world in Dracula …

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Final Destination Creator Sells Pilot of Technology Horror ‘The Feed’

Anyone who has spent enough time on social media nowadays knows there is no shortage of hatred that festers when differing opinions collide. In a world where everyone is connected online 24/7 and armed with their biased opinions, there is no better way to create New World scares than by developing …

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