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New Poster for Indie Horror Film ‘Cannibal’

Check out the new poster for Cannibal, by Indian Filmmaker Faisal Saif. The film is co-written by Tom Stoops and produced by John Reign (Exorcism of 7th Demon, Blood Woods) for Pole Star Studios and it stars Kavita Radheshyam (Islamic Exorcist), Michael Parle (Demon Hunter), Allie Marshall, Brandy Reign, Dawna …

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‘Islamic Exorcist’ (2017) Movie Review

When watching a film, I usually go in with an inkling of what is in store for me. When I watched Islamic Exorcist, I did not know anything about the film beforehand, so I was completely clueless. Personally, I do not watch a lot of foreign films, so this will …

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