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‘Stranger Things’ Most Hated Episode, ‘The Lost Sister’: Why I Love It

Stranger Things is insanely popular, especially right now with season 2 having premiered at the end of October. There are many things that the fans seems to disagree on and debate, but one thing everyone seems to agree on (with the exception of my girlfriend and I), is that season …

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Is This Fan Theory About Stranger Things Legit?

Before you read any further… SPOILERS BELOW involving the super mega hit show Stranger Things.   Fan theories are fun. If you’re not familiar with fan theories, they are essentially made-up scenarios involving our favorite films and television shows. One of my favorite fan theories is that young Kevin McAlister …

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5 ‘Stranger Things’ We Foresee Happening

I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t love the Netflix Original series Stranger Things. If you don’t love it, you need to re-watch it again because this show has EVERYTHING. Fans are hoping that the series will spawn a second season, which more than likely is going to happen, but …

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