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Rock’s Chosen Warriors: Charles Martin Smith’s ‘Trick or Treat’ (1986) – Retro Review

“Rock’s chosen warriors will rule the apocalypse!” October 24, 2021, marks the the thirty-fifth anniversary of the release of veteran character actor Charles Martin Smith’s directorial debut, 1986’s heavy metal horror flick, Trick or Treat. (another PopHorror writer’s thoughts on the film). The film flashes its metal bona fides often, …

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‘Trick or Treat’ (1986) A Rock & Roll Retro Review

The two best things about the 1980s were the rip-roaring, sex driven hair metal bands and totally gnarly horror movies. Trick or Treat combined them both in one of the most infamous horror comedies of all time. Whether you like this film or not, one thing’s for sure… you will …

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