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Sibling Estrangement Amongst Alien Invasion: ‘FIRST CONTACT’ – Review

There are so many ways you can tell an alien story. Often, it’s from a place of fear. The aliens are some kind of threat. Sometimes it’s from a place of wonder that ultimately ends up going wrong. First Contact takes a little bit of a different approach embedding its story in …

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Retro Blu-ray Review: Traveling In Time For ‘THE GRAND TOUR’ (1991)

The Grand Tour

Streeting this month, in a fresh high-def scan from Unearthed Classics, The Grand Tour (aka-Grand Tour: Disaster In Time and Timescape) is a little known sci-fi gem from director David Twohy (Pitch Black) that adds generous helpings of feel good family drama to a well conceived time travel premise. THE …

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‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ (2018) – Movie Review

I Think We’re Alone Now is a visual story told mostly through the eye of the camera. It follows Del (Peter Dinklage: Game of Thrones) in a post-apocalyptic future where everybody is dead. There is no electricity and the dead litter the streets. Del lives in a small town and is …

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Paulina Lagudi’s ‘Mail Order Monster’ – Movie Review

Mail Order Monster is about a little girl named Sam Pepper (Madison Horcher: Adventures in Babysitting 2016) who is trying to deal with the loss of her mother after a tragic car accident. The bulk of the movie is centered around Sam 3 years after her mom has died. The …

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