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Adam Green’s ‘Hatchet’ (2006) Still Cuts Deep Fifteen Years Later – Retro Review

For decades, the slasher flick has been a staple of popular horror. A masked or disfigured creep running around bludgeoning unsuspecting teens has always made for a perfect date night at the drive-in. Hatchet not only used those popular ’70s and ’80s tropes, turning the dial up to ten, as a …

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Top 10 Found Footage Horror Movies of the 21st Century

In a recent article on iHorror, columnist Carly Knaszak hypothesized that “found footage”, one of the dominate horror subgenres of the 21st Century, may finally have run its course: “Found footage films are a great way to make audiences feel like they are in the actual film. They even leave …

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