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‘Caller ID Entity’ (2018) Movie Review

Caller ID Entity, a new movie by director Eric A. Zimmerman, looks at the shadowy world of mind control experiments and the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the body. The film opens as a raving man staggers through the streets, clutching his head as he hears electronic voices no one …

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Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Caller ID Entity’ Trailer, World Premiere!

Caller ID Entity

Acclaimed Director Eric Zimmerman–responsible for some of the most iconic rock, metal, and industrial videos in history, including Nine Inch Nails’ “Down in It” and “Head Like a Hole,” and Soundgarden’s“Jesus Christ Pose” and “Rusty Cage,” among many others–has expanded his legendary dark vision into feature films. His latest release? Caller ID Entity! An Exclusive …

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