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‘Creature From Black Lake’ (1976) Hits Blu-ray From Synapse Films

Creature From Black Lake (1976), a “longtime late-night TV favorite,” roars onto Blu-ray with an all-new 4K restoration, and a boatload of special features! Check out the trailer below, then read on for the details! CREATURE FROM BLACK LAKE (1976) Synopsis There’s a hairy humanoid beast lurking in the Louisiana …

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The Most Memorable Baby Firefly Moments

I would like to wish a big happy birthday to one of my favorite actresses, Sheri Moon Zombie, who turns 50 on September 26, 2020! When I started getting into the horror genre, she was one of the first horror actresses who really stuck with me. To honor her on …

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Rob Zombie’s ‘House of 1,000 Corpses’ Turns 15

Back in 2000, when Rob Zombie first announced that he wanted to try his hand at directing a full-fledged horror movie, many horror fans had doubts. Sure, the guy could write some badass music and he’d seen his share of horror films, but did that mean he could create a …

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