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Stephanie Hensley’s ‘The Demons Within’ – Movie Review

It’s always interesting to see a film from a director you’ve never seen before. Sometimes the final product is slow, awkward, and full of empty promises, but in others, viewers get a well-thought out and carefully planned story that has been buffed into a sparkling shine. You honestly never know …

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Waxwork (1988): 29 Years Later and Still A Fan Favorite – Retro Review

The eighties unlocked some of the most beloved horror films of all time. We met Freddy Kreuger in our nightmares, got lost with The Lost Boys, opened PinHead’s box, and purchased the Good Guy doll Chucky. On June 17, 1988, director Anthony Hickox unleashed another cinematic, horror masterpiece for the …

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‘APRIL FOOL’S DAY’ – Pranking Horror Fans Since 1986

April Fool's Day

Perhaps the best way to introduce this retro review is to illuminate my love for the ’80s slasher film, a sub-genre where the most iconic horror legends reside or have led to inspiration. These are films with provocative themes that cause critics and philosophers alike to kick around different theories of misogyny and chauvinism. Ultimately sticking …

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