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BHFF 2019: Carlen May-Mann’s ‘The Rat’ (2019) And Its Gnawing Sense of Dread

The horror genre has a fascination with teens. Whether werewolf, ghost, masked killer or clown, the threat always comes for teenagers first if it can. I believe the teen is most often burned on horror’s bier because of their uncertainty. They are children in many ways, but on the cusp …

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‘Wildling’ (2018): A Coming-of-Age Creature Feature with Heart

Modern creature features in the horror genre typically revolve around a deformed, vicious beast that pummels and shreds its way to the end credits. Few films of today take the misunderstood Frankenstein’s monster approach to this subgenre. However, Fritz Böhm fuses this element with a unique, coming-of-age angle for his full-length …

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Interview With Fritz Böhm: Behind-the-Scenes of ‘Wildling’

Soon to hit the indie scene is a phenomenal coming-of-age horror by filmmaker Fritz Böhm called Wildling. In this full-feature directorial debut starring Bel Powley (The Diary of a Teenage Girl), Brad Dourif (Child’s Play, Rob Zombie’s Halloween), Collin Kelly-Sordelet (The Path) and Liv Tyler (Armageddon, The Lord of the Rings, The Strangers), Wildling tells …

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