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Steve Rudzinski’s ‘CarousHELL 3’ (2023): The Final Ride – Movie Review

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, even though I doubt that you have. A possessed, mass-murdering carousel horse with crude sarcasm butchers an unwitting party crowd. But don’t worry, the wooded theme park attraction was only evil because he was manipulated and weaponized by the government in a …

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Saying Goodbye To Special FX/Indie Filmmaker Ryan Nicholson (1971-2019)

Acclaimed Canadian special effects artist and indie filmmaker Ryan Nicholson has passed away on October 8, 2019 after his fight with cancer. Born in 1971, Nicholson grew up in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. He was an amazing self taught effects artist who studied under Oscar nominated artist Adrien Morot (Pet …

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