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Tarantino’s Manson Movie: Let’s Not Hop on the Moral Outrage Bandwagon

Despite being pretty influential and popular, Quentin Tarantino is considered a controversial filmmaker. Then again, maybe it’s because he’s controversial that he’s so influential and popular. Criticized for glorifying violence and favoring style over substance, Tarantino’s never going to please everyone. That’s either part of his genius or his disgrace …

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House of Manson (2015) Movie Review – The Beginning of Helter Skelter

I’ve been a true crime buff for as long as I can remember. Ever since I stumbled upon The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule (the true story of how the author met and befriended serial killer Ted Bundy), I’ve been obsessed with the real life psychos and sociopaths that …

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Where Are They Now? America’s 10 Most Notorious (Alleged) Murder Suspects

Convicted or not, murder suspects grab America’s attention from the second investigators first point the finger at someone. The world gathers ’round as the crimes are reported in garish detail. We watch the cops getting involved, evidence getting collected and suspects getting detained. When an arrest is finally made, the name of the …

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