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‘HOUSE OF WAX’ (1953) – “You’ve never been scared until you’ve been scared in 3-D!” – Review

House of Wax (1953)

How do you revitalize the career of a horror legend? Cast him in the first major studio film to be shot in color 3-D, and tap a one-eyed director who famously couldn’t see any of the 3-D effects – that’s how! House of Wax (1953) Synopsis “An associate burns down …

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He Sure Looks Like Charles Bronson… ‘Death Kiss’ (2018) – Movie Review

Not since the halcyon days of Bruce Li/Lai/Le has there been a motion picture sold on the intentional deception of its star looking like some other guy. Considering I first caught wind of Death Kiss from a headline that announced Charles Bronson’s return to acting (and from the grave), the …

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Why ‘Maximum Overdrive’ IS the Perfect Midnight Movie

I’ve written about Maximum Overdrive before, and I’m beginning to realize that I’m pretty obsessed with the film. I was lucky enough to remember when it came out, and witnessed firsthand the crazy trailer with the Halloween 3 music, the glowing Green Goblin eyes, and the crazy -ooking dude that …

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