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Celebrating The Fun—And Occasionally Macabre—Life Of William Castle

William Castle

William Castle (born William Schloss Jr. on April 24, 1914 and passed away 45 years ago on May 31, 1977) was in many ways an all-American success story of overcoming odds. He probably isn’t the biggest underdog of all time, but he was an orphan who dropped out of high …

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Spider Baby, The Maddest Story Ever Told – Lon Chaney Jr, Sid Haig, and the Beauty of Schlock and Insanity

On Christmas Eve 1967, Jack Hill’s Spider Baby, The Maddest Story Ever Told (AKA Cannibal Orgy, The Maddest Story Ever Told) introduced us to the delightfully demented Merrye family. Elizabeth, Virginia, and Ralph are the last members of a wealthy, reclusive, and horribly inbred family cursed with a disease that …

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House On Haunted Hill (1959) – Retro Review

When it comes to older films, people nowadays can’t help but see them through modern eyes. Not all films get better with age. The special effects don’t hold up like they used to, the acting that was acceptable decades ago is usually almost laughable now, especially with horror films. And, …

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