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Adequate Grounds To Break Your Lease: ‘The Dead Girl In Apartment 03’ – Blu-ray Review

The Dead Girl In Apartment 03

Genre blending. You know, a “quasi-slasher/thriller with a rom-com twist”, or something. Some films manage to get the amalgamation of horror sub-genres right, and some fail miserably. More often than not, The Dead Girl In Apartment 03 works, but there are moments of schizophrenia in its 72 minute runtime. Synopsis …

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The Devil’s Well (2018) – Found Footage Done Right?

Kurtis Spieler’s found footage film The Devil’s Well focuses on a group of paranormal investigators who are on the hunt to find out if all the folklore about the infamous Devil’s Well is true. They want to know if it played a part in the disappearance of a young woman named Karla …

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