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‘THE STRANGERS’ (2008) Turns 15… You Never Know Who’ll Come Knocking

The Strangers was released 15 years ago and was an immediate hit. It made more than double its original budget in box office sales. People were deeply unnerved.  Writer-director Bryan Bertino took inspiration from Helter Skelter and an incident that occurred when he was a child. Bertino and his sister …

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The Monster (2016) – Dark and Beautiful: Not Your Average Monster Story

In the horror world, it seems more often than not, a movie will receive extremely mixed reviews. Either people will love it with the utmost passion or completely loathe it. Rarely is there a middle man. You see this with such movies as Babadook, It Follows, and The Witch. It can …

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Underrated Gems – Mockingbird (2014)

Watching a found footage film is like going out on a first date. You’re all excited as you get ready; you pick your date up and head out to a fancy restaurant. As you sit in front of them, you first notice a zit ready to pop in the middle of their forehead and they …

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