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Coming Soon to Theaters, On Demand, and Digital: ‘Children of the Corn’

Children of the Corn

Coming soon from RLJE Films and director Kurt Wimmer (Ultraviolet) is a new reimagining of a classic horror film: Children of the Corn. The film stars Elena Kampouris (Before I Fall), Kate Moyer (Station Eleven), and Bruce Spence (The Road Warrior). Children of the Corn Synopsis Possessed by a spirit …

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Looking Back On George Miller’s ‘Mad Max 2’/’The Road Warrior’ (1982) – Retro Review

Even after forty years, Mad Max 2 (aka The Road Warrior) still has the ability to astound and thrill. Making its stateside debut on May 21, 1982, George Miller’s (Mad Max 1979 – our retro review) post-apocalyptic actioner made an international megastar out of twenty-six year-old Mel Gibson (Lethal Weapon franchise) and …

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