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Do Yourself A Favor And Stay Out Of The ‘Shed’ (2019) – Movie Review

It was somewhere between the needlessly long take of a man mourning at his father’s grave and an unrelated phone call ranking the most missed genitals between two-thirds of a three-partner relationship that I knew I was in trouble with Shed. The screener description and the IMDb synopsis are both …

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Dive Into A Horrifyingly Delicious Holiday With Queen Malvolia’s Memorable Thanksgiving 2

Malvolia's Memorable Thanksgiving 2

Malvolia’s Memorable Thanksgiving 2 Every year, I look forward to seeing a new horrific holiday episode from Malvolia: Queen of Screams. She always does the holidays best and leaves you begging for more. Her Halloween episode was a delicious treat, and now we can dive into Malvolia’s Memorable Thanksgiving 2. Who doesn’t …

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Try These Gross Halloween Foods – If You Dare!

Halloween is quickly approaching. Looking for some last minute party food ideas or Halloween snack ideas? Look no further. There is a catch though! These food ideas are absolutely gross! So prepare yourself and read on if you dare. 1. Ratloaf     Recipe includes the “guts” when you cut …

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Truth or Dare (2013) A Truthful Review

I always find it interesting when a film maker takes something from my childhood and expands on it, making it truly their own. For example, everyone knows the game Truth or Dare. Everyone has their own variations of it. I recently got to sit down and watch Jessica Cameron’s take …

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Eat (2014) A Flesh Eating Movie Review

I am so guilty of putting thousands of movies in my watch list but never getting around to watching them. I know a lot of you can relate. I get so mad at myself when I finally go to watch a movie that has just been sitting there for so …

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