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Filmmaker Jozsef Gallai Takes On Bill Oberst, Jr., Lynn Lowry, and ‘A Stranger In The Woods’ – Interview

Recently, we’ve been telling you a lot about Hungarian filmmaker Jozsef Gallai and his thought-provoking indie horror projects like I Hear The Trees Whispering, Aftermath, and Project Skyquake. Now, he has a new film called A Stranger In the Woods starring horror indie darlings Bill Oberst, Jr. and Lynn Lowry …

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‘Let Us In’ (2021) Combines Creepypasta and Kid Friendly Horror – Movie Review

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: A friend of a friend of a friend heard about awful things happening to people all across the United States who encountered black-eyed children asking to be let inside… And you’re probably not the only one. I had family members sending me …

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