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Welcome to the Slave Pit… Interview With GWAR’S Michael Derks AKA BälSäc The Jaws Of Death

There’s a brand new documentary on coming out this summer on the outrageous shock rock band, GWAR, called This Is GWAR (our review). This magnificence is directed by Scott Barber (The Orange Years: The Nickelodeon Story) and features live and behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with many of the members and …

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Scott Barber’s ‘This is GWAR’ – A Bodily Fluid-Soaked Movie Review

What happens when a guerrilla filmmaking art student recruits a local punk rock band to be in his movie? If you answered, “It spawns the most unique band on the planet, which becomes a hive for talented musicians and artists that has spanned three decades and is still going strong,” …

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