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Teaser trailer and Poster for Ryan Stacy’s ‘Failing Grace’

I’ve been following Concept Media’s work since they released Don’t Fuck In The Woods back in 2016. Concept Media’s latest film, Failing Grace, from writer/director Ryan Stacy, just released an intriguing and intense trailer as well as a new poster. Give the trailer a watch, check out the poster then …

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‘Scream For Summer’ (2017) Movie Review

Earlier this year, my anticipation was high for The Wicked One (you can read my review here), which turned out to be an intense and satisfying indie slasher. Soon after viewing it, I found out that its writer, Cheyenne Gordon, was writing and directing his own film, Scream For Summer, which got me …

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[Exclusive] The First Trailer for Cheyenne Gordon’s ‘Scream For Summer’

scream for summer

?Awhile back, we shared the news of a new indie slasher called Scream For Summer that was just entering production. Now, PopHorror is proud to share with you the EXCLUSIVE first trailer for Cheyenne Gordon’s slash-tastic horror flick! Scream For Summer was written and directed by Cheyenne Gordon (The Wicked One 2017) and …

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Suspense Thriller ‘Failing Grace’ releases teaser trailer, launches IndieGoGo Campaign

From Concept Media, the makers of Don’t Fuck in The Woods and Midsummer Nightmares, comes Failing Grace, the latest suspense thriller for fans of Fear and Fatal Attraction. Failing Grace is a murky tale of obsession and revenge. Check out the teaser below and read on for all the details on this …

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Indie Slasher Film ‘Scream For Summer’ Enters Production

Cheyenne Gordon is a man of many talents, having co-written and starred in The Wicked One. Recently, Cheyenne has started filming his directorial debut called Scream For Summer. The film is a throwback to the self referential, witty and meta slasher films of the ’90s that we all know and love. Read …

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