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2019 BITS: ‘She Never Died,’ An Electric Companion Piece To ‘He Never Died’

Playing at the 2019 Blood in the Snow Film Festival in Toronto, Canada, is an amazing new film directed by Darken’s (2017) Audrey Cummings (read our interview with her here) called She Never Died. The film stars Olunike Adeliyi (The Prodigy 2019 – read our review here), Peter MacNeill (A …

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Interview With ‘She Never Died’ Director Audrey Cummings!

So many amazing films have premiered this year, including Audrey Cummings’ She Never Died (read our review – here). It is currently having a very successful festival run. We had the chance to watch it for Screamfest and this Friday it premieres at BITS 2019. I was stoked to be …

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‘She Never Died’ (2019): Cannibal Vigilantism At Its Finest

Writer/director Jason Krawczyk made a name for himself in the cult genre channels with his horror comedy hit, He Never Died (read our review here). The film saw Henry Rollins (Z Nation 2017) star as a loner immortal cannibal, hiding himself from the world in order to contain his temptations to …

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