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Movie Review: Pierre Tsigaridis’ ‘Two Witches’ (2022) Delivers A Wicked Story and Awesome Special Effects

Two Witches

I love films about witches, so the trailer for Two Witches had me interested right away. This is the feature film from writer-director Pierre Tsigaridis. It stars Rebekah Kennedy (To the Bone), Kristina Klebe (Rob Zombie’s Halloween), Belle Adams (Perry Mason) and Tim Fox (Westworld) star. Synopsis for Two Witches  …

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Arrow Films Takes Eric Pennycoff’s Festive Horror ‘The Leech’ For Holiday Release in the UK, Ireland and North America

The Leech

Arrow Films has acquired distribution rights in the UK, Ireland, US, and Canada for Eric Pennycoff’s Christmas horror-comedy The Leech, set to have its world premiere at Chattanooga Film Festival on June 23. The UK-based premiere label for cult, art, horror, and world cinema is planning a release in December …

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Arrow Gives ‘An American Werewolf in London’ the Royal Treatment – Media Review

An American Werewolf in London is one of the two greatest werewolf films ever made. (Hint: The other film came out in 1981, too.). There isn’t anything that I could say that hasn’t been said over the last 42 years since the film’s release. It’s more than a classic. It’s …

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Arrow Releases Scott Mansfield’s Unique Slasher Film, ‘Deadly Games’ (1982) – Media Review

What do you get when you cross Steve Railsback (post Helter Skelter and pre Lifeforce) with a darker, 1970s version of Thirtysomething? You get Scott Mansfield’s Deadly Games. I have to call it a slasher because it has a masked killer and it came out in the sweet spot of …

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Nine Fascinating Facts About The Notorious ‘Nekromantik’ (1988)

One of the most notorious films ever made, Jörg Buttgereit’s Nekromantik, was released on January 29, 1988. Filmed on 8mm with little money and a homemade corpse, Nekromantik was courtesy of co-writers Jörg Buttgereit and Franz Rodenkirchen. It’s a nasty little number, an irreverent, late ’80s journey through perversion and …

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Movie Review: ‘The Bloodhound’ (2020) is A Haunting and Thrilling Tale

I just recently watched, The Bloodhound, a hauntingly atmospheric tale that sent shivers down my spine. It’s from first-time feature director Patrick Picard, starring Liam Aiken (A Series of Unfortunate Events), Joe Adler (The Maze Runner), and Annalise Basso (Ouija: Origin of Evil). Synopsis for The Bloodhound Francis (Aiken), a …

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Arrow Release Retro Review – MADHOUSE (1981)

Arrow Films is known for giving classic films and obscure gems the royal treatment and releasing them for a new generation of film fans, remastered and overflowing with special features. Tenderness of the Wolves, Island of Death, Bay of Blood, Slugs are just a few examples of unique films being …

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