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‘A God Without a Universe,’ ‘Satan Claus,’ ‘Folies Meurtrières’ Coming To Home Video From TetroVideo

The disturbing drama/horror film, A God Without a Universe (2015) directed by Kasper Juhl, the Christmas slasher/horror film, Satan Claus (1996) directed by Massimiliano Cerchi, and the French slasher film, Folies Meurtrières (1984) directed by Antoine Pellissier, are now available on DVD via TetroVideo. A God Without a Universe comes …

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Mikel Balerdi’s ‘Larva Mental’ (2020) And Antoine Pellissier’s ‘Maleficia’ (1998) Coming To Home Video Via TetroVideo

It’s another one month and another release from Tetro Video, who are showing no signs of stopping giving fans what they want, especially if they are looking for obscene, grotesque, and entertaining. Despite the content, there is a lot of symbolism in their releases, a true art form. August 2021 …

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