Mikel Balerdi’s ‘Larva Mental’ (2020) And Antoine Pellissier’s ‘Maleficia’ (1998) Coming To Home Video Via TetroVideo

It’s another one month and another release from Tetro Video, who are showing no signs of stopping giving fans what they want, especially if they are looking for obscene, grotesque, and entertaining. Despite the content, there is a lot of symbolism in their releases, a true art form. August 2021 is no different on what to expect from the company. Coming this month is Larva Mental (2020 – read our review here) from Mikel Balerdi (Vore Gore 2021 – read our review here) and Maleficia by Antoine Pellissier (Folies Meurtrières 1984).

TetroVideo is proud to present the horror extreme film Larva Mental (Spain 2020) by Mikel Balerdi and the French ultra gore film, Maleficia (France 1998) by Antoine Pellissier. This one is the second title of Tetro Underground, a line dedicated to all the underground films produced until 1999. Both titles are available for pre-order starting August 3, 2021.

Larva Mental is coming to Blu-ray in a Standard Edition in a Limited Numbered Golden Edition (Mediabook + Blu-ray + Slipcase + Booklet), and in an Ultra Limited Numbered Golden Edition (Mediabook + Blu-ray + Slipcase + Booklet + Metal Panel 15x20cm with a Mikel Balerdi artwork). Maleficia is available in a Standard Edition (vintage looking Slipcase + amaray + DVD) and in a Silver Limited Plus Numbered Edition with a special Cordenons Stardream Silver paper slipcase with transparent box and a card inside.

Larva Mental by Mikel Balerdi

Considered one of the most brutal and disturbing movies of all time, Larva Mental (2020) is an extreme horror film written, directed and performed in by Mikel Balerdi (Vore Gore segment, “Mouth”) here in his directorial debut. With an artistic touch, the tattooist/painter/extreme body art performer/director Mikel Balerdi explores perverse human impulses, the extreme, the profane, and the taboo. Larva Mental is a combination of real and practical effects and deals with a lot of strong subject matters including suicide, self-harm, depression, necrophilia, and drug abuse.

The plot centers around a woman (Dairi Gaona) who commits suicide after finding depraved videos of her husband. After discovering the body, the suffering husband pushes him to the point of madness. The practical effects are by Mikel Balerdi and Dairi Gaona.

MALEFICIA by Antoine Pellissier

Produced, written, and directed by the Master Of Trash Antoine Pellissier, Maleficia (1998) is a masterpiece in the ultragore genre, an extreme gore film in which over 200 actors and extras were cast. It was filmed over 2 years, and the production used over 200 gallons of real blood and 1,000 pounds of real bones. Full of atrocities—dismemberment, beheadings, stabbings, eye gouging, tongue-ripping— Maleficia begins with gruesome rituals and ends with an gory bloodbath.

The plot centers around a family of nobles who travel in a forest where a satanic cult completes human sacrifices of young girls. The group begins to torture and mutilate the chained sacrificial victims until death to summon the dead which arise to terrorize people and wreak more havoc. Nelly Astaud, Brigitte Garrigue, Guy Cicorelli, Claude Gatumel, and Nicolas Pellissier star.

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