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Female Led Revenge Film, ‘Streets of Vengeance,’ Gets Release Date

Streets of Vengeance is a film that holds a special place in my heart, carrying the distinction of being the first film that a filmmaker gave me to review when I started writing for PopHorror (you can read the review here). I have been anxiously awaiting the official release of …

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Interview With Paul Ragsdale And Angie De Alba, The Team Behind ‘Streets of Vengeance’

I’m a huge fan of the films Cinco De Mayo and Streets of Vengeance, so I was super excited when Paul Ragsdale and Angie De Alba, the team behind these awesome films, agreed to do an interview with me. We talked about their love of films, their films, their use of …

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Cinco De Mayo (2013) Movie Review

What happens when a teacher’s attempts to educate his students on Mexican heritage is met with nothing but contempt? What happens when a man trying to help people better themselves is met with scorn? What happens when a man’s pride in his culture and expectation for equal treatment is seen …

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