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Horror’s Fresh Voices: ‘Talk to Me’ (2023) – Movie Review

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for an unforgettable journey into the heart of Australian horror, guided by the enigmatic twins of the digital realm, Danny and Michael Philippou, more commonly known as RackaRacka. Today, we delve into their inaugural feature film and A24’s new crown jewel, Talk to Me, which …

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Trailer Released for New Horror/Thriller ‘TALK TO ME’ (2023)

Talk To Me (2023)

A new trailer was released for the horror/thriller directed by Danny and Michael Philippou (RackaRacka – TV Series): Talk to Me. The film stars Sophie Wilde (You Don’t Know Me – TV Series), Joe Bird (Rabbit), and Alexandra Jensen (Beat). Talk To Me (2023) Synopsis When a group of friends …

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