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Double Feature: Larry N. Stouffer’s ‘Horror High’ (1973)/William Grefé’s ‘Stanley’ (1972): Vin Syn 2K Blu-ray Review

Our Vin Syn discussion today includes a double release of drive-in delicacies from Crown International: Larry N. Stouffer’s Horror High/Twisted Brain (1973) and William Grefé’s Stanley (1972). Both films include victimized protagonists, murderous pets, and revenge and are celebrating their first Blu-ray release. From the Vinegar Syndrome Horror High/Stanley page …

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Top Ten Fun Facts And Goofs About Bill Froehlich’s ‘Return To Horror High’ (1987)

Bill Froehlich’s Return To Horror High turns 35 in 2022! To celebrate, we have compiled a list of fun facts to celebrate. Synopsis: In the early 1980s, a series of gruesome murders occurred at Crippen High School. The killer was never apprehended. A few years later, a film crew uses the …

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