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One PopHorror Writer’s Top 5 Most Extreme Horror Movies

Growing up, I remember walking down the video store aisles looking at all the horror movies. I was old enough to watch some films, but with horror, it wasn’t going to happen based on the content. My parents just wouldn’t rent them for me. So, I was stuck catching any …

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TetroVideo Releasing Extreme Horror Films ‘Carcinoma,’ ‘Melancholie der Engel’ And ‘XXX Dark Web’ This Month

Extreme films Carcinoma, Melancholie der Engel, and XXX Dark Web are coming to home video via TetroVideo on September 6, 2021. TetroVideo is proud to present the German disturbing extreme films Melancholie der Engel (2009) and Carcinoma (2014), directed by controversial filmmaker Marian Dora (Cannibal, Voyage to Agatis). Carcinoma and …

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‘Torment’ (2017) Movie Review: Debut of Too Extreme for Mainstream

Gaining a reputation for the dark, seedy underbelly of horror it provides, Stephen Biro’s (read our interview with him here) distribution company, Unearthed Films, pushes the envelope even further with its latest development. Launching the company’s new “Too Extreme for Mainstream” brand of horror is Adam Ford’s directorial debut, Torment, …

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Unearthed Films Announce “Too Extreme for Mainstream” Titles Coming in 2019

Unearthed Films

As a huge fan of indie horror and the love of broadening my genre horizons, I’m always on the lookout for new horror. No, I didn’t mean I’m searching for the latest film in theaters. I mean I’m looking for horror I’ve never heard of or that rarely mentioned gem, …

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Pophorror Writer Richard Taylor’s Personal Favorite Films of 2017

For me, 2017 has been a phenomenal year for horror/experimental and indie films in general. I have had the pleasure and privilege to watch and review many underground offerings from several directors. I definitely would not be able to narrow my favorites down to just one film, so I will …

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The Enchanted Architecture Of Modern Horror… An Interview With Filmmaker Domiziano Cristopharo

Director/producer/cinematographer Italian maestro Domiziano Cristopharo is changing the face of modern horror and has his scope on the North American market by creating some of the more extreme horror movie titles to surface in recent memory. Christopharo’s involvement with the film Sacrifice, directed by Poison Rouge, has proved to be …

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