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Soul To Keep (2018) – A Clutch Your Soul Review

Recently, I had the chance to check out the screener of the demonic thriller horror film, Soul To Keep. The film stars Kate Rose Reynolds (She Wolf Rising 2016), Aurora Heimbach (Most Beautiful Island 2017), Sandra Mae Frank (The Sound of Fear 2017), Derek Long (Not Alone 2017), Jordan Theodore (The Tramp 2013), Jessie Jordan (I Am Homicide TV series) and Craig Fogel (Don’t Shoot the Messenger 2015). Directed by David Allensworth (Brain Games 2013) and Moniere (Dissonance 2008), Soul to Keep contains a brilliant story co-written by Allensworth and Cold Blood Canyon’s (2008) Eric Bram. Honestly, there is just so much to go over, so let’s find out how I stumbled upon this hidden gem.

I snatched this flick up after watching the trailer and finding the story itself to be rather intriguing. While Halloween is my first love in the horror genre, Hellraiser is another favorite of mine. I love films and books that explore the mythology of demons and hell. Soul To Keep follows a group of friends who willingly summon the demon Beelzebub. None of them think it will work, to be honest, and they were all drunk when they thought it was a good idea so, to be fair, I’m sure we’ve all made worse decisions while intoxicated. What happens for the duration of the film is nothing short of fantastic. So, let’s get into why Soul to Keep is not only great, but is a film that has already secured its spot in my collection upon release.

Jessie Jordan
Jessie Jordan

The talent of this cast is immeasurable. While overall, the acting was superb, there were two stand-outs to me. Jessie Jordan has a natural talent for her craft, and I found myself entranced by her while watching the scenes she inhabited. For an actress that has only three credits to her name (besides Soul To Keep, she was in one episode of I Am Homicide and a short film called White Wash), she brings the character of Kimberly to life as if she has the filmography of Meryl Streep. I truly look forward to seeing her in future films and am positive that she will go far in the film world.

kate rose reynolds
Kate Rose Reynolds

Kate Rose Reynolds is the second stand-out performance in Soul To Keep and, MY GOD, did she steal the show with this one. Without giving away too much, it is very hard in a film such as this for an actor to know how far is too far and how to finesse a character so that there is never a moment when your viewer questions the legitimacy of what is going on. The way Kate Rose Reynolds goes from calm and sinisterly collected to intensely terrifying without ever crossing the threshold of scenery chewing is something I haven’t witnessed since The Exorcism of Emily Rose. I plan on keeping my eye out for her in future horror films, and I truly hope that the horror community realizes they have a goldmine right in front of the. I’m glad someone finally discovered it.

Soul To Keep shines in the area of staying true to mythology. Beelzebub, the demon who collects and consumes souls, is a terrifying delight from the moment it enters the storyline. Using lust and other sins against its prey, Beelzebub slowly begins ingesting the life forces of its victims. It was honestly like watching a perfect storm unfold but while eagerly anticipating how bad it all could possibly get.

Soul To Keep

Pacing is an incredibly thin line in films, and Soul To Keep has perfect pacing. It honestly feels like an evil entity is slowly turning up the horror volume knob. Just when someone starts to ask if it’s too loud, they crank it to the max leaving you defenseless to its beautiful onslaught.

Realism is also important to me in this subgenre. There were no ridiculous moments in Soul To Keep, like we usually find in most demonic possession movies. There were no over-the-top maniacal demons laughing obnoxiously, and honestly, the final act was one of the most satisfying things I have seen in awhile. Every single person in this film needs to give themselves, and each other, a pat on the back for a superb job well done. I know, by this point, it seems I’m gushing, but I assure you, it doesn’t come without reason, and I urge everyone to give this film a shot.

soul to keep

Final Thoughts

If you asked me to pick a favorite part of Soul To Keep, I would respond, “The entire thing.” That is the truth. The entire ride was enjoyable. There were no moments where it dragged. It was filmed perfectly. The acting was great, the sense of dread lingers from the moment it arrives, and it is true to its mythology. Overall, Soul To Keep is one hell of an intelligent horror film that I truly believe will stand the test of time. I already have made space for it in my Blu-ray collection, and I cannot wait until that spot is no longer vacant. Keep an eye out for its release but before you press play, clutch your soul, because Beelzebub is loose and he really isn’t into mercy.

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