Silent Retreat (2016) – Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

Did you know the average person lies several times a day?  Whether we like it or not, lying will continue to be a central theme in our lives.  However, it would be pretty extreme if every lie told led to dire consequences.  Written and directed by Ace Jordan (story by Heather Smith and Taryn Stenberg), the 2016 film Silent Retreat explores the idea that lying is punishable.  Now, I don’t mean hand out a few slaps on the wrist and call it good.  I’m referring to something much more wicked and malicious.  Was this movie capable of scaring us into silence or did it lack the fear factor to do so?

Released by Starko Entertainment on January 12th, 2016, Silent Retreat concentrates on six co-workers of a media company. One weekend, they all gather at a remote lodge in the middle of the woods for a business retreat.  It is apparent from the beginning they don’t really jive with each other. Can’t we all just get along? Apparently not, because the media industry is riddled with competition, backstabbing, and lying. Things get shaken up even more when one of them turns up missing. During a frantic search, the terrible secrets about the lodge become revealed. Can the truth set them free?

silentretreat20162There are a few up and coming actors in this movie. Donny Boaz plays one of the co-workers named Zacry Stabard. I thought he looked familiar as I recognized him from the 2014 film 13 Sins. When he first appeared on-screen for Silent Retreat, my initial thought was hubba hubba! As the film goes on, he quickly proves he is not just another pretty face as his acting skills are superb. It was also cool to see he has many new projects coming out later this year as well as 2017. Another fellow co-star is Eli Bildner who portrays Tedi Calcan in the film. Bildner has appeared in popular shows such as Mad Men, Desperate Housewives, and Parenthood. In Silent Retreat, his character is what I would call the raunchy comic relief. I found myself chuckling at him quite frequently. He was well-cast in the role as Tedi and did a good job speaking his mind despite what others thought. The rest of the cast did a great job as well: Rebecca Summers as Meigan De Foresi, Danilo Di Julio as Dale Re, Devon Ogden as Lira Tuls, Aidan Flynn as Ned, Trista Robinson as Rita Pulis, and Landon Ashworth as Joel Sau. Ace Jordan definitely has an eye for talent.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty. If I placed myself in the shoes of the characters, I would most definitely be freaking out. Who wouldn’t with the unique premise of this film? With that being said, I honestly was not scared watching it the privacy of my own home. What can I say other than I cannot tell a lie! That does not mean I didn’t enjoy the film for what it was, though. In addition, the kill scenes are enjoyable to watch. One scene, in particular, involves a bear trap that did succeed in making me cringe a little. I couldn’t help thinking, “That’s gotta hurt!” Also, it must be noted, since the film revolves around lying, none of the characters are reliable. The fun part about horror movies is trying to pinpoint what is going on.  There is no shortage of that here.


All in all, Silent Retreat is a movie that will make you question if telling a lie is worth the trouble. Would it really be a perfect world if no one lied? My gut reaction is no because I feel that may be a sign of a beginning apocalypse. Then again, it might make it easier to choose between the presidential candidates.

P.S. Anyone who has Amazon Prime can watch Silent Retreat for free by just clicking here.

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