Shannon Brown’s Short Horror Comedy ‘Demon Juice’-Film Review

Demon Juice is a horror comedy short from Writer/Director Shannon Brown. I am already a short film super fanatic. Throw in the horror comedy element, and I was sold. I saw the trailer, and I knew I had to see it. What did I think of Demon Juice? Read on to find out my spoiler-free thoughts!

Demon Juice
The poster for this film is one of my favorites! I love the retro feel to it!


A group of friends travel to a quaint vacation town for a weekend getaway, but discover a decades-old party drink that’s more dangerous than it seems.

My Thoughts:

This film is just under 15 minutes, and I laughed out loud throughout the entire film. The performances and story are just so authentic. You have the well-organized, itinerary-loving friend, Amy (Allyn Pintal), who plans a perfect best friend’s getaway weekend at a BNB rental. You have Nia (Anastasia Washington), the people-pleasing friend. You have Gigi (Annelise Decker-Hernandez), the easygoing, pot-loving friend, and then you have Deb (Maddy Wager), the one that is a bit a cringy to Amy but is a fun, free-spirited friend who clearly brings life to the party.

The film starts out with Amy, Nia and Gigi arriving at an awesome rental. Amy has their whole weekend planned minute to minute with an itinerary. While going through the itinerary and getting settled in, their friend, Deb, crashes the weekend. She was supposed to be working but decides to come anyway to not miss this awesome weekend with friends. Amy definitely is cringing but goes along with it. The others are happy to have her there, as fun seems to ensue with Deb around. Before heading out for a fun night at bars against Amy’s pleas not to, Deb, with the encouragement of Gigi, decides to go through the rental owner’s stuff. Low and behold, she finds a bottle of a decades-old party drink called Demon Juice.  After multiple warnings of Don’t Drink It, Deb decides to drink the Demon Juice. Deb is then possessed by the Demon Juice. This is where the insanity of Demon Juice begins. Be prepared for a nonstop thrill ride in less than 10 minutes.

The laughs are non-stop. Maddy Wager’s performance as Deb stands out and is just brilliant. The supporting cast is also wonderful and just so funny and believable as a group of friends who find themselves in over their heads after Deb drinks the Demon Juice. The writing is hilarious. I literally laughed out loud throughout this film. The special effects are also top notch!

If you ever get a chance to see this film, please do! It is a perfect possession short horror comedy with good friends, laughter, and a drink called Demon Juice.

Demon Juice

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