Seth Breedlove’s ‘On the Trail of UFOs: Night Visitors’ (2022) – Movie Review

On the Trail of UFOs: Night Visitors (2022) is an out-of-this-world documentary by Seth Breedlove and Small Town Monsters. The film is directed by Seth Breedlove (On the Trail of Bigfoot 2021 – our review) and stars Shannon LeGro (On the Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky 2021 – our review). Strange encounters, gut-wrenching mutilations, and mysterious visitors take precedence in the newest hair-raising addition to the On the Trail Of… series. The skies are alive, and so are the mountains of southern Colorado. But what’s really going on out there?

This is the third entry into the UFO catalog by Small Town Monsters, following the eight-part On the Trail Of UFOs TV series (2020) and the feature-length On the Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky (2021) film. While this is not the strongest outing regarding this subject matter, it’s another solid watch and curiously engaging when pertaining to certain subjects. It’s ominous, absorbing, and highly entertaining.

Once again, the STM crew sets out on a mission to uncover the secrets and intricacies surrounding the vast array of UFO sightings and cattle mutilations in Colorado. This time around, there are a few brand new accounts along with a couple of seriously interesting theories posed, further pushing the limits of what we know and believe thus far. Areas of high strangeness combined with old military installations make up a large fraction of the locations of interest. 

As usual, the visuals are phenomenal, and the sound and music are absolutely killer. The stories are eerie and disturbing, and the editing is fantastic. Also, it’s great to see Shannon LeGro back on the hunt again, digging deep and kicking ass in her quest for the truth, although she admits we’ll probably never get the answers we want. It honestly feels like we’re on the cusp of a breakthrough though, and with her grit and steadfast determination to find answers, the night sky’s the limit.

The only thing that seemed to be missing were more interviews involving ranchers and other witnesses to the mutilations. That has always been a bit of a neglected yet relevant topic when dealing with reports of otherworldly or interdimensional visitors. However, sufficient data was accumulated to help procure a better understanding of the phenomena at hand.

Overall, On the Trail of UFOs: Night Visitors (2022) is dark, hard-hitting, and edgy, another definite must see from Small Town Monsters. It’s informative, unsettling, and atmospheric. Pure supernatural fun. If you’re a UFO or extraterrestrial enthusiast, then this one’s for you. Give it a go if you get the chance.

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