'Internet Urban Legends

PopHorror Interviews Eleanor Snitchery and Loey Lane About Their New Podcast ‘Internet Urban Legends’

Spotify and Parcast, in collaboration with Wheelhouse DNA, have a new and exciting podcast called INTERNET URBAN LEGENDS – hosted by beauty gurus and internet sleuths Loey Lane and Eleanor Snitchery. I recently had a chance to chat with these amazing ladies about their careers, how they got into makeup and art, their love for horror, details about the podcast, and more!

'Internet Urban Legends

PopHorror – Hey ladies. It’s great to chat with you both. How is 2021 treating you so far?

Eleanor Snitchery – Much better than 2020, thankfully! I moved to Nashville with my brother and got vaccinated earlier this month, so no complaints.

Loey Lane – 2021 has been better than 2020, that’s for sure! I’m ready for a fully vaccinated summer.

PopHorror – That’s good to hear! 2021 definitely feels more promising. So, you both are beauty bloggers. Have you always had a love for makeup?

Eleanor Snitchery – Growing up, I was more interested in traditional art (drawing/painting/pottery/etc) than I was in makeup. But I realized during my freshman year of college that makeup could be a great artistic outlet! If you go back to my really early looks, it’s all face paint and pigment splatters and makeup-based cosplay, so it definitely took me a few years in the industry to get a handle on glam styles.

Loey Lane – While I personally live more in the horror space than anything beauty-related, I occasionally roll out a makeup video or two! I’ve always loved makeup, for sure. It’s a fun mode of self-expression.

PopHorror – If you could pick, what’s what type of makeup you can’t live without? Or if you were going to a deserted island and could only bring two makeup items what would it be? 

Eleanor Snitchery – I genuinely can’t live without tinted brow gel, and I’m not picky about the brand. My brow hairs aren’t very thick so they need all the help they can get lol.

Loey Lane – If I could only bring two beauty items to a desert island, it would be the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation (it’s gorgeous and has SPF!) and a Glossier cloud paint blush! The cloud paints are so versatile, so you could wear them on the cheeks, lips, and eyes.

PopHorror – Maybe I’ll learn a thing or two from you ladies. I’m terrible with makeup but I love horror, lol! Loey, I heard you grew up in a haunted house? Can you tell us about that?

Loey Lane – I did grow up in a haunted house! So, it was in the middle of nowhere in Georgia, built near a collapsed mine shaft, and was across the street from a centuries-old graveyard. There was no lack of insane experiences that happened in that home. One of my favorites to tell now (it wasn’t my favorite at the time) happened in my bedroom in that little farmhouse. At the time I had just bought these light-up hoodies from Wal-Mart that lit up as you walked, so they had motion sensors. One night I awoke to find the lights on the hoodies going off, one right after the other. It was as if something was pacing back and forth in there.

PopHorror – Wow! That’s cool and super creepy all at the same time! Do you ladies like horror movies? If so, what are your favorite ones?

Eleanor Snitchery – Obsessed with them! My favorites are Invisible Man and The Shining, and Cabin in the Woods if that counts.

Loey Lane – I love horror movies! I just watched The Possession and quite liked it. All of those early 2010s horror films feel so similar to me in a fun way. My favorites would be probably the Saw series (Saw 3 being the best). The original Evil Dead movie is another incredible one.

PopHorror – Those are great choices. You amazing ladies have created a new podcast called Internet Urban Legends. How did you guys meet/collab? 

Eleanor Snitchery – We’ve been best friends for years now! Somehow this is our first creative project together, but we met through our manager and immediately fell in love.

Loey Lane – I met Eleanor through YouTube and our manager! I thought she was so enigmatic and lovely, and the first night we met we went out to a club in NYC and made plans to get pizza the next day. We were pretty much best friends from the start. The podcast is so fun because we really just get to sit down and gossip for twenty-something minutes about something creepy we’re into like we would do anyway!

PopHorror – That’s awesome! Can you tell the readers what this podcast is about?

Eleanor Snitchery – We deep dive into the creepiest corners of the internet to investigate which of the web’s most notorious myths are haunts or hoax – covering everything from obscure haunted Etsy stores to the TikTok paranormal.

Loey Lane – Internet Urban Legends is a podcast diving deep into the Internet’s darkest corners, but with a fun believer/skeptic dynamic. I am (obvi) a believer in all things spooky and I am the first to believe something scary is always the worst-case scenario. Eleanor brings a much more level-headed vibe, so together we almost try to find common ground on each of these stories, in both the believer and realist worlds.

PopHorror – I’m loving the podcast so far! How many episodes will there be?

Eleanor Snitchery – So far we are slated for 20 episodes (with hopefully much more to come!).

PopHorror – What do you think this podcast will deliver that makes it stand out amongst other podcasts?

Eleanor Snitchery – The stories themselves! We have a great team of researchers who’ve found some genuinely spine-chilling stuff. I’m slated as the skeptic and I’ve been sleeping with the lights on lately. Plus, our dynamic, hopefully! It’s been a freaking blast to record so I hope that shines through.

Loey Lane – I think our podcast is unique because it’s so authentically us. It feels weird to talk about ourselves like that, but seriously, have y’all listened to the podcast??? It’s good! I would be a fan if I wasn’t one of us. I love that it’s something we genuinely do in our spare time, and now we get to share with the world.

PopHorror – It’s definitely an awesome podcast and uniuqe! I enjoy listening to it when I’m writing. Do you have a favorite urban legend?

Eleanor Snitchery – The Legend of Talking Angela… which we should absolutely do an episode on!

Loey Lane – I love the urban legend of the Kuchisake-onna, or the slit-mouthed woman in Japan. All of my favorite Urban Legends are Japanese! Seriously, why are they so scary??? The slit-mouthed woman approaches young children walking alone while donning a face mask, and asks them, “do you think I’m pretty?”. If they say yes, she slices their mouths from ear to ear, to give her a creepy permanent smile like hers. If they say no, she kills them out of rage. Apparently, the only way to escape this interaction is to simply reply, “you look okay”, so she gets confused and you can run away.

PopHorror – Ohhh I haven’t heard about The Legend of Talking Angela but I am very familiar with the slit-mouthed woman. I’ve seen some short horror stories about it. Super creepy. Anything else you ladies would like to talk about?

Loey Lane – Thank you so very much for the time! You can catch our new podcast, Internet Urban Legends, exclusively on Spotify with new episodes every single Tuesday.

PopHorror – Thanks for chatting with me, Eleanor and Loey. I look forward to all your episodes and hopefully, we will talk again in the future. For all those interested in checking out the podcast you can do so by clicking – HERE

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