New Shudder Original Film, ‘NIGHTMARE,’ Coming Soon

Coming soon exclusively to Shudder is a new horror film from writer/director Kjersti Helen Raasmussen (The Tunnel): Nightmare. The film stars Eili Harboe (Thelma), Herman Tommeraas (Ragnarok – TV Series), and Dennis Storhoi (The 13th Warrior).Nightmare

Nightmare Synopsis

Mona and Robby are a young couple in love. Robby has just landed his dream job, and they’ve scored an amazing deal on a spacious, if run-down, flat. Never mind that it requires quite a bit of renovation. Never mind the neighbors’ constant fighting, and screaming baby… Never mind that Mona is suddenly plagued by night terrors which grow more intense every time she falls asleep…

Robby is eager to start a family, despite Mona’s hesitation. Eventually, Mona’s issues spiral dangerously out of control as she becomes convinced that she is being attacked by a mythical demon – the Mare – intent on possessing her unborn child.

Check out the trailer below:

It will be available on September 29, 2023 on Shudder. Watch for it!

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