Rony Patel’s ‘Chop Chop’ (2020) is Pure Chaos – Movie Review

I recently got to watch a film that was nonstop craziness. Chop, Chop is one crazy and bizarre ride with twists and turns along the way.

chop, chop

This film was directed and produced by Rony Patel, from a script he co-wrote with Andrew Ericksen. Atala Arce and Jake Taylor star as the young couple whose attack by a murdering psychopath is only the beginning of a very dangerous night.

Synopsis for Chop Chop

An innocent night between a young couple takes a bizarre turn when a psychotic serial killer comes knocking at the door. As the couple starts to fend for their lives, we soon learn there might be more to the lovers than meets the eye. A long fight for survival leads them into a series of unsettling encounters within the criminal underworld.

This film starts out pretty normal, a normal couple with normal problems until the world is turned upside down and we see there is far more to them. It’s a crazy story with great performances, twits and turns, and nonstop action.

chop, chop

Atala Arce and Jake Taylor have great on-screen chemistry and I felt their relationship grow stronger as they are put through and hell back. If you can survive an experience like that together, you can do anything together.

There’s a good amount of blood and uneasy scenes. As I mentioned before, the action is great and continues throughout the film.

Chop Chop is now available to rent or own on October 20th on Amazon, iTunes, Comcast, Spectrum, Vudu, and more.

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