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‘Justice Served’ (2017) Sci-Fi Horror Short Review: Deliciously Demented

I love going into a film knowing nothing about it. In doing so, I often find hidden gems I would have never known about, making the experience all the more fulfilling. I found this to be true after watching Patrick Rea’s (read our interview with him here) new sci-fi horror short, Justice Served.

Justice Served was written and directed by Patrick Rea (Nailbiter, Arbor Demon). The short film stars Elisa James, Davis DeRock, Jason Miller, Jennifer Seward and Tom Sutton. It was shot entirely in Kansas City, Missouri.

Official Synopsis:

A man stands trial for a heinous crime in this courtroom thriller with a twist.

Justice Served definitely has a Twilight Zone vibe about it and it works perfectly. I had no clue what to expect going into this short other than I’m a huge fan of Patrick Rea’s previous work, so I was hopeful this would be good as well. It exceeded my expectations by far.

The short is just under 13 minutes and delivers a thrilling story about a world turned upside down. Nothing is at it seems. It’s like the viewer has stepped into an episode of the Twilight Zone or fallen down the rabbit hole. I absolutely loved it, especially the ending which delivers the big twist I’d been wondering about the whole time.

All of the performances in Justice Served are exceptional, especially from Elisa James. She’s wickedly awesome from beginning to end and has the biggest character development. However, I found all of the characters intriguing and enjoyed the unusual discussion between them.

I really enjoyed the special effects. It was unexpected and really added something special to the storyline. It also helped summed up any confusion on to what was going on.

Final Thoughts

Justice Served is something fun and different that I think everyone will appreciate. I enjoyed the story development and the twists and turns along the way. Patrick Rea always delivers a unique story and he killed it with this one as well!

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