Joe Castro’s ‘TERROR TOONS’ (2002) – Retro Review

Growing up, the horror aisle was full of these types of movies—however, Terror Toons was our favorite. The straight-to-video concept was like the Wild West. We were young and dumb, but we still wanted more. Something different, and boy, did we get it.

In 2002, Joe Castro released Terror Toons, a very discreet movie. Finding a copy of Terror Toons today is just about impossible and pricey. This movie has been stuck in my brain for over twenty years. When I chased love in California, I ensured this was the first item I packed. My friends and I lost ourselves in these hilarious kills.

Let’s get into my review.

Dr. Carnage and Max Assasin


While their parents are gone, they are ready to raise some hell at a party that will become a huge mistake. They are stuck in the situation with nohere to hide as they watch their friends die.

Two sisters Candy (Beverly Lynne – Hells Highway 2002) and Cindy (Lizzy Borden – Xtreme Pro Wrestling , 2005). While Candy is having a house party while their parents are away, Cindy Recieves a strange package and it included a cartoon DVD. Soon after the the movie was over, the sisters are hunted by evil cartoon characters namd Dr. Carnage and Max Assasin.

The girls disapear one by one and become victims of brutality. With everyone being taken, who will survive the night with these wild characters? Do you dare hunt it down?

This whole movie is whacked out, and they know it. The sequels get even more silly up to number four. It’s like a bad acid trip the entire time I watch it. It’s rather funny when you are sober, though. Somehow, that came to be true. There weren’t many sets outside of running around the house hiding. Still, they would find you and make you pay. I have never laughed so hard at a horror movie in my life. They knew what they wanted and had a strict budget. It still came out as a cult classic.

The movie was released under the biggest name in independent horror: Brain Damage Productions. That story is set for another day. It quickly climbed the ladder; little goth kids and horror hounds must remember this movie. If not, you missed out. There are so many words to say about this Movie, but the ultimate thing I can say is that I love it. I have seen lousy movie after movie, and Terror Toons filled that void.

Over the years, this movie has comforted me, even on bad days. It brings memories back, like smelling a particular perfume or hearing a song; this is how I cope the most.

Dr. Carnage is ready to operate.

In The End

I can say in the end that Terror Toons is worth a watch if you can find it. If you never saw it, I apologize because you’re going to search the ends of the world for it (maybe start with eBay). You missed a great time in the straight-to-video horror days. Directors used to have a vision like Damien Leone, which was awesome. Fake body parts, people being torn apart, and you are filled with gunky intestines. That drives me, and Terror Toons deserves so much more recognition for bad movie awards.

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