Overlook Film Festival 2023: ‘GIVE ME AN A’ is the Most Important Film You’ll See This Year

When Roe vs. Wade was overturned many were outraged as it denied full body autonomy to millions. Within months, director Natasha Helevi (Jane in Space) gathered sixteen women directors who responded with segments that make up the anthology Give Me an A. Helevi also filmed the wraparound segment Abigail. The film starts Alyssa Milano (Charmed – TV Show), Virgina Madsen (Candyman), and Gina Torres (Westworld – TV Series).

Give Me An A

Give Me An A Synopsis

Expands the importance of bodily autonomy and addresses the issues of a democracy that does not protect the needs of the majority of the population.

Give Me An A

My favorite segments, (I loved them all, so it was hard to pick) were the following:

Vasectopia: Directed by Kelly Nygaard – A hysterical musical ad selling vasectomy services. Because honestly, why are women the only ones responsible for birth control?

God’s Plan: Directed by Avital Ash – If life begins at birth, why can’t a pregnant woman drive in the carpool lane? But a argument over a ticket spirals out of control.

DTF: Directed by Bonnie Discepolo – Ready for sex? Not so fast! We need to clear up a few legal details first!

Regardless of your feelings of Roe vs. Wade, it’s easy to love this film, which covers every horror category imaginable: dark dystopian, body horror, sci-fi, snarky comedy, and even post-apocalyptic. There’s gore for the gorehounds, but it never goes too far.

What’s incredible too is that all of these segments were conceived, filmed, and edited in three months! They all used the same cameras, lenses, picture editors, and sound editors. They also used the same colors to ensure continuity of the entire film. What a great result!

What Give Me an A really excels at is making the viewer think long and hard at the what ifs. As if Roe vs Wade was the close up of a picture, and the film is just stepping back and seeing the entire thing as a whole.

A must see for everyone.

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