Interview with TikTok Sensation and Special Effects/Makeup Artist, Emma Norton

This year has been crazy for everyone as we learn to cope with COVID-19 and all that comes with it. Many have turned to social media to help cure their boredom and maybe bring in some extra income. TikTok has blown up this year because of that and no one knows this more than TikTok sensation and special effects/makeup artist, Emma Norton aka @emmanortss. Learn about how she got involved with TikTok, how it felt to blow up and become a TikTok star, her plans for the future, and more!

PopHorror – Hi Emma – it’s great to talk with you. I’m a huge fan. I started following TikTok when COVID-19 happened as well, and you were one of the first people I followed and adored your material. My username is @horrorghoul1987, but I don’t do much on there, besides love and follow things, haha. Before COVID and TikTok, what did you do to express your artistic abilities? Did you use other social media platforms or anything else beyond that?

Emma Norton – First, I want to thank you so much for your kind words! To your question, I have been active in the performing arts since I was very young – in particular, on stage. I’ve also always loved visual arts projects. In recent years, I’ve concentrated on my film and TV acting skills. Until the Covid-19 lockdown, I was a typical social media user (Instagram, Snapchat).

PopHorror – That’s awesome. When you started TikTok, did you kind of just blow up overnight or did it take a bit to gain a following? How did it all go down?

Emma Norton – Around January, a friend encouraged me to try creating a TikTok video. I enjoyed the process and received a positive response. My 3rd video (featuring my version of Harley Quinn) was the first to go viral! I’m fortunate that since then, my views and followers have grown steadily.

PopHorror – That video was awesome! What has this experience been like for you (feel free to share positive and negative experiences)?

Emma Norton – The vast majority of comments I receive are positive and supportive. I get a lot of requests to create more videos of specific styles or characters. It’s a blast to be able to communicate with followers and with TikTok’ers from across the world. Of course, I also receive hate messages.  As long as I feel positive about the content that I’ve created, I can handle a few comments from people hiding behind their screen.

PopHorror – That’s a great way to handle it. How much time do you spend daily/weekly on skits for TikTok?

Emma Norton – It depends, some videos are straightforward, and I can film without any preparation. My complex special effects make-up looks can take as long as six to seven hours!

PopHorror – That’s crazy but I can tell a lot of work goes into it! As a young woman, is it scary at times to have such a huge following with potential stalkers and creepers?

Emma Norton – Where I live and spend most of my time, I’m not very concerned about bad actors. I have experienced several instances of boys hurling insults to try to bring me down, and I’ve had to get to safety. I make a point to go to public places with my close friends.

PopHorror – That’s good to hear! What’s your favorite thing to do on TikTok?

Emma Norton – I love the variety of things I can do on TikTok. My current favorite transformation videos are with the element of surprise. In other words, when I suddenly transform into a character that’s the polar opposite.

PopHorror – Those are super fun! Out of all the makeup/special effects you’ve done, do you have a favorite one?

Emma Norton – I can’t decide between two looks so I’ll give you both. One favorite is my green-skinned pop art zombie, and tied for first is my Blue Tiger look because of the funny story of going to my doctor’s appointment with full Blue Tiger makeup because I hadn’t finished filming!

PopHorror – Haha, yes both of those are wonderful and so much fun! Who are some of the people that inspire you on TikTok?

Emma Norton – I love what @xobrooklynne does, and I get fashion inspiration from @the.navarose. The reality is it’s hard to choose because there are so many talented TikTok’ers I love.

PopHorror – What are your goals for the future? Do you want a career in modeling, acting, singing, etc? I mean technically you could do them all, but I didn’t know if there was something you had your heart set on. Or are there any opportunities that have come up because of TikTok for you?

Emma Norton – I love doing all the things you mentioned, plus dancing! My long-time number one goal is to become an actor in film and television. If I push my goals further, I’d love to have a line of clothing and make-up.

PopHorror – You most definitely can do it all! If you ever got a chance to play Harley Quinn, in any capacity whether a big film or indie, would you?

Emma Norton – Are you kidding?! Harley Quinn is one of my absolute favorite characters (and I love Margot Robbie). I’d love to play HQ and give her my spin!

PopHorror – I’d love to see you do it and hope you do! What advice would you give to other aspiring social media rock stars?

Emma Norton –  My advice is to not hold back on showing your unique creativity. Trends are a great way to start but try to put your creative touch on your work. The other point I would like to share is as long as you feel great about your work to not listen to what the haters have to say.

PopHorror – Great advice! Do you think as someone who has a big influence on social media that it’s important to advocate for other people like minorities, mental health, etc?

Emma Norton – Without question! It is incredibly important for me to find ways to support organizations and bring attention to real-life challenges. Especially in areas like mental health, meeting basic human needs across the world (like access to clean water), and supporting marginalized groups within our own country.

PopHorror – You’re truly wonderful. We need more people like you in this world! Any upcoming exciting things you have planned that you’d like to talk about?

Emma Norton – I have a few photoshoots in the works, which is super fun. I’m working on developing videos for starting a YouTube channel. I will keep working on opportunities to audition for film and television roles.

PopHorror – Thanks again, Emma! I look forward to seeing you succeed at everything you do and plan to do. I can tell you have a great future ahead of you!

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