Interview With Lara Rossi, Star of ‘Iron Sky: The Coming Race’

I’m not going to lie. Science fiction isn’t really my thing. I will choose almost anything else over watching a straight-up sci-fi movie. So, when I was offered an interview for the upcoming sci-fi comedy flick, Iron Sky: The Coming Race, I was more than hesitant. But I have to say, I am so glad that I took it on. All I can say right now is Hitler riding on a T-Rex. Yes, you read that correctly. Hitler riding on a motherfucking Tyrannosaurus Rex. I was lucky enough to speak to the star of this original action-adventure, Lara Rossi. We discussed Iron Sky, women in the industry, what she’s currently working on, and of course, horror movies.

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PopHorror: Hi, Lara! So we watched Iron Sky last night, and it was an absolute blast. Not at all what I was expecting! I’m not going to lie. I was a little apprehensive because sci-fi isn’t really my thing, but this is all of my things. 

Lara Rossi: Are you serious? That’s so cool! 

PopHorror: I thought it was great. How much fun was it to shoot this movie?

Lara Rossi: Insane amounts of fun. Really, really. Kind of my first leading role, but then in sci-fi, you know that you’re going to have so much more creating a whole new world. And when we first go to the set, my mind was blown with how detailed and incredible the world that they had built was, and how easy it was for all of us to just immerse ourselves into this wacky, crazy universe. And obviously, Tom Green is incredible. Very funny, as we all know. And Udo Kier (Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich 2018 – read the PopHorror review here), I think he should be a comedian, too, because he’s just a joy to be around all the time. And then, I just made friends. Like Vladimir’s still one of my closest friends, as is Timo, the director. We’re still really close. It was one of those really special jobs you count on doing on one hand. It definitely lives there. It was really cool. 

PopHorror: Definitely didn’t ever expect to see Hitler riding a Tyrannosaurus Rex. As soon as we saw that photo, we were like, “Okay. We’re going to dig this.”

Lara Rossi: Yeah, the satire aspect is really fun. The whole notion of the evil people in the world are living in the center of the Earth still, that was just like completely ridiculous and satirical, and I just loved it. It’s just so fun.

PopHorror: Obi is such a strong female character, and I loved seeing her as the lead. What made you want to be a part of this project and to take on her character?

Lara Rossi: When I first read the script, as soon as she appeared on the page, I have to say, I was like, “This is me.” Not that I wasn’t acting, because I was, it was like a version of me. I just know this person so well. I’ve always wanted to, without sounding too grand at all, but when I was growing up, there just weren’t that many female characters, female roles that I could look up to, especially as a woman of color. That was something that was really important to me.  So I was like, “I can be the hero.” I can be the hero that I wanted to see when I was a kid. This is an incredible opportunity. And then, I just adored the kind of flawed, difficult relationship she had with her mother, and then the whole “she’s a mechanic and she’s carrying the whole weight of the last bits of mankind and she has to save them” thing. I was really, really honored, I have to say, to be handed the role. It was amazing. I screamed loads.

PopHorror: I’m glad that you brought up being a woman of color in the industry, because one thing I do know is that women face a lot of challenges. What are some of the other challenges you feel that women face in the industry?

Lara Rossi: That’s the other thing that I want to say – it’s actually a problem that I want to state now – is that there was no expectation of me to be sexy. I was just this character. There were no shots of my body, there was no bit where she has a shower or whatever. It was just like she’s just the hero of this movie, and she’s kicking ass, and that’s it. A lot of that is a testament to Timo, and the kind of story that he wanted to tell. He was like, “I want to make a movie that I want my kids to watch, and feel like they’re watching something that is nurturing and inspiring.” So the problems that we face in the industry are exactly that.

Some of the descriptions that I get of characters are literally – every single time – described as what they look like first, so you get young, you get beautiful, you get sexy. Revolting, actually, and really you go, “Those three descriptions are completely unplayable.” I cannot, as an actor, I cannot do anything with those. So you’re just basically expecting me to walk in and model, and just about get some acting done. It is something that is getting better, and I am hopeful that it will keep doing so, but it’s extremely frustrating, yeah. It was a joy to play someone who I just didn’t have to deal with any of that, ever, on set. It was amazing.

PopHorror: I’m glad to hear that! If you could collaborate with anyone living or dead, who would it be?

Lara Rossi: Oh, God. Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God. Probably Spike Lee, I think? Yeah. I met Spike Lee when I was 18. He happened to be in this club in London at my birthday party. We danced the night away. So, I hope he’ll remember that one day, and get me in one of his movies. 

PopHorror: That’s really awesome!

Lara Rossi: Yeah, it was really weird. My mom organized this party for me on my 18th birthday, and then I turn around, and I was like, “Is that Spike Lee?” And he was there with his sister. And then we all just had a great night out. It was really weird and incredible. So yeah, I admire him a lot.

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PopHorror: That’s so awesome! If you weren’t acting, what do you think you’d be doing?

Lara Rossi: Oh, I would probably be doing science. Biochemistry, probably. I’m super, super geeky, or creative because of the fact that I chose to be an actor. But I am obsessed with science and nutrition and cell function. I think I would probably just investigate that. I still think I want to. That’s one of my little life goal secrets in my drawer.

PopHorror: What are you currently working on?

Lara Rossi: I am in a TV show at the moment, filming right now, which is called Flesh and Blood for ITV, which is a UK channel. And it’s a thriller. I’m really enjoying it. I’ve worked with the director before, and she’s fantastic. That’s it, that’s me.

PopHorror: What is your favorite scary movie?

Lara Rossi: Ah, okay. Here we go. I do not watch scary movies. At all. I know, I know. It’s so weird. I have almost a phobia. I think my imagination is a bit too vivid. I watched The Exorcist when I was a bit too young, and I was completely traumatized by it. So I avoid them like the plague. And I would never be in one. That is the God’s honest truth. I know, right? It’s weird. That’s me.

PopHorror: What’s your favorite movie then?

Lara Rossi: Probably Blade Runner. I know this is the obvious answer, but I rewatched it the other day and I was like, “This is so good.” I think that’s probably my favorite. But then there’s also some from my childhood. Cinema Paradiso is another favorite of mine. I’m a romantic. I like romantic movies. 

Thanks so much to Lara for speaking with us. You must absolutely check out Iron Sky: The Coming Race, available now on streaming platforms.

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