Interior (2014) – Movie Review

What makes a good horror film nowadays? To me, a horror film doesn’t need to go all out with special effects or countless jump scares to affect its audience. Interior is a little indie film, written and directed by Zachary Beckler. Did Beckler‘s film affect me? Read below and find out!

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When a mysterious letter is found hidden inside a family’s new home, Sam (Christopher Carullo), a struggling filmmaker, is hired to capture evidence of the supernatural events plaguing their young daughter. What starts out as a simple paranormal investigation leads to a long, terrifying night, forcing Sam to confront his disbelief as footage begins turning up on his equipment that he did not record. Isolated and alone with a dark force identified as Emily, Sam and his cameras are taken on a digital journey through the unknown and beyond.

You know a horror movie is going to be good and scary when you jump within the first 10 seconds. For an indie horror film, Interior did a fantastic job creating tension and a chilling atmosphere. One particular scene was very reminiscent of that infamous bit in The Strangers. The Strangers didn’t invent that scare tactic but perfected it, and so did Interior! I watched this film during the day and it still left my heart skipping a beat at certain scenes.

The pace was pretty slow and it took a while to get anywhere. However, Christopher Carullo’s performance kept it entertaining throughout the whole film! Sam was hilarious and so likable, I was rooting for him the entire film.

The director’s cameo was an especially nice touch. His scene makes you forget what’s happening and I think that’s hilarious! The social media aspects in Interior seemed laughable at first, but then it came to mind that using social media to cry out for help is actually very possible nowadays, so I give the film points for being realistic in that arena.

I was pretty disappointed with the ending. One particular scene should’ve come with a seizure warning. Without spoiling too much, the ending just left me confused. 

Final thoughts:
The best thing about Interior is undoubtedly its ability to be creepy. Overall, Interior was just a fun film and I really enjoyed it! I highly recommend the film if you’re looking for something simple and effective at the same time.

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