Human No More: The Feature

‘Human No More: The Feature’ (2021) Movie Review: Psycho-Sexual/Philosophical Murder Noir

Christopher Alan Broadstone’s Human No More: The Feature is quite a winding road. I use that analogy too often in my reviews, but permit me to use it again here, because it absolutely applies. In fact, it does not seem adequate to write a conventional review here. This movie is full of riddles, paradoxes, and stray philosophical musings, punctuated by the occasional murder. It’s not an easy story to follow, but that may just be the point.

In fact, quite fortunately, Human No More: The Feature is the sort of movie you probably won’t need to follow. You’ll be fine just wading through and enjoying these puzzle pieces, rather than conventionally piecing them together into a convenient, finished piece of art. If you don’t do that and expect normal logic to apply to this flick, you’ll probably be disappointed. Instead, be entertained by the dialogue. Maybe that will guide you to some fragmentary understanding.

What Is Human No More: The Feature Officially About?

IMDb’s official description reads:

Nemo (Tony Simmons), a private detective consumed by an irreconcilable murder case, revisits the HAB–a transgressive warehouse-nightclub complex–where he re-evaluates the details of his confrontations with the Mirror Murders Killer (Gabriel Sigal), the man that would take everything from him.

With each flashback more bizarre stories unfold, more embittered philosophies, more dark details, and all nuances of truth that lead to an ultimate revelation that drives Detective Nemo back into his caustic underworld one last time.

The Good and Bad of Human No More: The Feature

Stylistically, this movie flirts heavily with a noir style but is never afraid to run and play in some filth. It is, after all, largely about a serial killer. Detective Nemo often seems like he’s either in Hell listening to this lunatic theorize about his murders, or he’s in this weird-ass waiting room on the way to Hell.

The philosophy of the film might be overbearingly bleak to some, but it’s horror, man! When we’re told that “Life is not your friend,” it’s not really a point you can argue against, is it? Granted, maybe your life has been sheer bliss all the way through, and I’ll congratulate you for that. However, that means this 2-hour flick full of dark, depraved musings probably won’t be appropriate for you.

That being said, don’t misconstrue. Human No More: The Feature does have moments where, and if you’re in the right mood, you might laugh your ass off. It is entertaining overall with its interesting narration and dialogue. Its off-kilter philosophical meanderings might captivate a certain kind of mind. The fact that it’s potentially entertaining prevents it from seeming forcibly deep.

I also found humor in the exaggeratedly joyless characters throughout the film. On that note, I’d say the acting mostly ranges from good to great. Characters tend to take turns talking… sort of a no-no, although it can add to a surrealistic feel. The story also deals with root philosophical concepts like cause and effect, though in a scattered way. At the end of the day, I don’t quite know what this movie is trying to say, and it’s probably longer than necessary. Still, the filmmaker has won awards, and I can see why, despite whatever flaws this movie has.

Watch the film yourself HERE.

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