A Soul's Window

Great Acting and Practical Effects Highlight Short Film ‘A SOUL’S WINDOW’

For shady businessman Grant Herman, suicide seemed an easy exit out of his failing life. But leaving his past behind is never that easy… Director Jason Burke (A Mother’s Dying Wish, read our review here) explores this in his new short film A Soul’s Window.

Here’s a look at the trailer…

A Soul’s Window Synopsis

Grant Herman was a master businessman, who made his living off of bad deals and fast-talking. But his world was turned upside down when he woke up face-to-face with his accusers. The man who’s played judge all of his life, now has to withstand a jury of his peers. What will be left of them by the end of this brutal meeting with deadly consequences?

Jason Burke wrote and directed the film. It stars Brian Ceponis, Steven Pileggi, Ashley Reign, Matt Schultz, and Jess Uhler.

A Soul's Window

Short and Sweet

I know I keep saying this, but I really do love a good short film! In an age when bladder-busting three-hour-long films keep rolling out into the theaters, I dearly love it when a filmmaker can show me everything in a crisp 20 minutes.

The acting in this was great. Shout out to Brian Ceponis (Massacre Academy) for his leading role here. His character wasn’t exactly likable, but he managed to make him interesting and even a little bit sympathetic. The practical effects were also very well done considering the low budget.

A Soul's Window

Final Thoughts

I really loved the premise of this film. It had a nice balance between the morbid and the humorous as Grant tries, again and again, to shake off his mortal coil. I look forward to seeing what this director has in store for us in the future!

A Soul's Window

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