Ghost Team (2016) – Movie Review

Horror comedies are always a hit or miss. They either don’t have enough horror, enough comedy, or either one. Does Ghost Team have the potential to be a good horror comedy? 

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A paranormal-obsessed man (Jon Heder) mounts into the beyond with his depressed best friend (David Krumholtz), misfit nephew, a cable access medium, and an overeager security guard.

Ghost Team was pretty much everything I thought it would be. It was a horror comedy that didn’t take itself seriously enough to actually be funny or scary. This film seemed like the type of movie that the cast members only agreed to be in because they were bored or really needed the money.

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What works for the film:

I applaud the filmmakers for having a coherent plot and goal. The characters were very likable and I have no complaints on the acting. I thought the twist at the end was clever. Ghost Team was able to provide a couple of creepy moments. The character of the medium (Amy Sedaris) successfully provided commentary on phony mediums and how well gullible patrons can be fooled.

What doesn’t work for the film:

Ghost Team was too fast-paced with very little character development. It barely provided any horror and the only scenes that got a chuckle out of me were the childish banters between the nephew (Paul W. Downs) and the security guard (Justin Long). It’s the kind of stupid humor I personally get a kick out of.

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Final thoughts:

I didn’t completely hate Ghost Team, but I certainly didn’t love it, either. I don’t think I would ever recommend this film to anyone, though. It did have a few funny moments, but other than that, this was a pretty forgettable film. I honestly expected more out of a movie that stars Justin Long, Amy Sedaris, Jon Heder and David Krumholtz. You should only watch Ghost Team if you don’t care about whether or not you’ll enjoy it. 

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