Victor Crowley (2017) – Movie Review

Like everyone else, I thought the Hatchet series was finished with Hatchet 3. This trilogy has one of the greatest slashers of our time and I was sad to see it end. But then I found out that Victor Crowley is back! You have no idea how happy I am that director Adam Green decided to treat us with the return of Victor Crowley. I waited very patiently for the opportunity to see this film. Was returning to Honey Island Swamp one more time worth the wait? 

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Ten years after the events of the original movie, Victor Crowley is mistakenly resurrected and proceeds to kill once more.

What works for the film:

Adam Green certainly hasn’t lost his touch! Usually when a film series takes a good long while to add another sequel, the latest installment doesn’t always feel like part of the franchise. When it comes to this Victor Crowley, however, it’s like the Hatchet series never took a break! The film offers up the same awesome practical effects as the previous three, bringing the classic slasher feel into the modern age. This is one of the reasons I absolutely love this franchise!

What really made this film so great was the wonderful cast. Adam really knows how to bring a group of legends together. Kathleen, played by the lovely Felissa Rose, was undoubtedly my favorite character. Felissa blew me away with her attitude and execution. Just because she was my favorite doesn’t mean that the rest of the cast didn’t kill it with their characters. Each one offered up their own branch of comedy and were genuinely sympathetic. Of course, I can’t review Victor Crowley without talking about Victor Crowley himself! Kane Hodder delivered the same brutality and terrifying demeanor that gore fans crave!

What doesn’t work for the film:

As much as I loved this film, I do have to be honest and say that Victor Crowley didn’t really bring anything new to the franchise. The film was more about bringing Crowley back. So that’s what they did. They utelized the exact same formula that they’ve always use, which, for Hatchet fans, isn’t necessarily a horrible thing. Also, the way they brought Crowley back in the film makes the timeline with the scene at the beginning a bit confusing. To be honest, those are my only complaints. 

Final thoughts:

Victor Crowley needed a return and this was a fantastic way to bring him back! I think Hatchet fans will be very pleased with this film. I hope this means we will be treated to more of Victor Crowley in the future!

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