Event Recap: Midsummer Scream Marks The Official Kick Off To Halloween 2019

Halloween and horror enthusiasts of every age gathered at the Long Beach Convention Center in California to celebrate all things spooky. Since its first year back in 2016, Midsummer Scream has skyrocketed into one of the leading conventions to hit Southern California. I was in the mix of it all, and, let me just say, being among so many people who share the same passion as I do felt like reuniting with lost family. It was my first year in attendance, and I am thrilled to share what the team has created this year and maybe offer some helpful tips.

Anyone who follows Midsummer Scream’s social media accounts knows the magnitude of what was to come. Right off the bat, the lines started forming before 8 a.m. even though the doors didn’t open until 11 a.m. Unless you plan on purchasing their VIP Golden Bat tickets (unsure if this will roll over to next year – I’m guessing so), I would suggest getting there early or possibly renting a room if your budget allows it… which leads to another scuff some convention goers might have experienced – the parking! I know on their Twitter account, the Midsummer Scream team suggested carpooling, taking public transportation, or parking further away. To my understanding, the Long Beach Convention Center’s parking structure doesn’t quite accommodate 30,000 people. Yes, you read that correctly: nearly 30,000 boils and ghouls took part in the festivities.

End of the Line – via Midsummer Scream Twitter

I found out the showroom was doubled in size while chatting with some of the returning vendors. There were over 300 vendors set up, and trust me, it was so hard not to break the bank with all the awesome merchandise out there. Something I try to do is, even if I don’t make a purchase, I’ll ask for a business card, so that way I can follow them, and later hopefully buy what I wanted. Giving the slightest amount of support can go to great lengths for these independent artists and companies. If you haven’t caught on by now, PopHorror’s Tori Danielle Romero is amazing at doing this, and I have seen just how widespread some of her posts go. Pay it forward, people!

Aside from things to buy, there were some great craft booths, a kid’s section that really entertained, photo ops with some featured celebrities, and in particular, haunt booths.


The Hall of Shadows was one of my favorite parts of the convention. It completely emerged guests into the ambiance of a chilly, gloomy Halloween night, decorated with beautifully crafted, glow-in-the-dark scenery that made for the perfect backdrops for pictures. Throughout the Hall of Shadows were smaller, scaled haunted mazes to walk through, scare actors walking around giving people a good fright, and a booth that was doing face makeup.

The Grand Ballroom housed fully packed panels for Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, Knott’s Scary Farm and The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, highlighting the legacy of 50 years of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, a celebratory 30 years of Tales from the Crypt, and The Christine McConnell Show. This just intensified the hype for haunt season, and the sneak peaks clearly show that everyone is ready with the scares and screams – WE ARE READY! The Grand Ballroom was then transformed into the Grim Grinning Party, complete with a costume contest and fortune tellers. There were so many great contenders, but the Hatbox Ghost took the top prize.

First place winner

Of course, what convention would be complete or memorable without some amazing cosplayers! Here’s just a few, but be sure to check out our Instagram for highlights.

Final Thoughts

Midsummer Scream is an event that you won’t want to miss out on. After a successful weekend, the convention’s return next year will be on August 1-2, 2020, to continue this tradition to kick off the Halloween season. Buy your tickets early, and don’t overlook the ticket options – the VIP pass holds a lot of perks. Be sure to bring water, dress comfortably, and wear some good shoes. Most importantly, enjoy everything this convention has to offer! Thank you to the team at Midsummer Scream for having PopHorror at this year’s event! I’m already counting down the days until next year. I would highly suggest following Midsummer Scream on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for more insight and behind the scene posts.

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